Finally Found Comfy Shoes for Hand-Foot Syndrome

Just less than two weeks after I started Xeloda, I’ve already experienced a side effect, blisters on my sole.  It was mere blisters, but on my sole it hurt so much that I barely walked.

After holding-off therapy for two weeks due to the oral surgery, I resumed it as the 2nd cycle last week.  Wishing to avoid the blisters this time, I was hunting for comfy shoes for days, and finally I found them.

1)   The shoes have to be flat or low heel.

2)   They have good cushions under the feet.

3)   The front is open so the toes won’t touch the shoes.

4)   I can wear them even with socks or dressing.

5)   I can wear them for nice occasions, too.

Those were the conditions of the shoes and here are the shoes I found.

They were made by Cobb Hill ($100).  All the bands have velcro so I can adjust the size as I wear socks or have dressing on the feet.  They are light, comfortable, steady, and look feminine.  Now I should be able to walk without worrying about blisters and I love them!

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