March 2nd, 2015

Power of White Cells

The biopsy of the mandible where the dentist collected the specimen came back with no evidence of cancer.

I was confident 99%, but I am so thankful that I could rule out cancer, which the oral surgeon told me was a possibility.

The newest high tech, the white cell clot is also working so effectively that a picture of an x-ray taken at the dentist office last Friday, a week after the removal of the implant, showed already the new construction happening at the big hole on the mandible.

Seven years ago when the same dentist did the implant, he used pig’s stem cells to grow wider the mandible, which was too narrow for the implant. Back then I was very impressed and thankful for the technique he used, but the new therapy of the white cell clot, which was made from my own blood, looks much more powerful and effective.

Our immune system God designed is just amazing. What our white cells can do is utterly incredible. Looking at the x-ray, I was so fascinated that I asked the dentist if the same technique was used for the immunotherapy, which would be able to kill cancer cells.
“ The idea is the same, but I don’t know,” said he.
If the white cell can do such a powerful work, cancer vaccine, which enforces the immune system where the white cells take a major role, seems very promising.

I wonder how far the study of cancer vaccine has progressed, and felt very hopeful that someday soon I will find a news caption, “ Revolutional Success of Cancer Vaccine” or something like that!

I felt good and was thankful for God’s guidance of this dentist.