February 20th, 2015

Oral Surgery is over with the Newest High Tech

After George’s vocal cord surgery, it was my turn to have an oral surgery removing a teeth implant.

Although I chose the dentist, who had done the implant that other dentists or a specialist I consulted had said was difficult to do seven years ago, over the oral surgeon, I was nervous as I thought that he was not an oral surgeon as the oral surgeon told me, and not young like the oral surgeon, and also he has a bad eye; what if I coughs, mucus comes down my throat, or muscle cramps happen during the surgery?

Then as though he had known my concerns, when I arrived at his office, he said, “ I’d like to show you something. “ and introduced me to a device, which looked like a rice cooker.
“This is a newest technique called L-PRF (Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrion) therapy, FDA approved last year. We will take a small sample of your blood and from that, this machine will makes a white cell clot. I will place it in your bone after I remove the implant, and then this concentrated antibody will fight against the infection, and help the bone heal quickly.”
He explained to me, and added with a victorious grin, “I don’t know if the oral surgeon knows this technique.”

I had no clue if the oral surgeon knew it or not, but became excited and felt better.

Next, he, who is a Seventh Day Adventist, said, “ Let’s start with a prayer.” As he, his wife as his assistant, and I put our hands together and closed eyes, he prayed, “ Please give me the skill and allow me to treat well. “
Now I was no more nervous but got the peace and confidence!

During the surgery, the leg cramps happened as I was afraid of and I had to stand up and step around, but the two hour surgery was done removing the implant, collecting the specimen, and placing the white cell clot in the treated area.
Now I need to wait to see if the newest high tech will work and heal me or not. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!