The Body of Christ

I woke up with sore throat, cough, and headache this morning. This is not good. Just one long day made me sick? I can’t help thinking that my immune system became so weak after five years of chemo.

Today I am supposed to pick up George, go to teach piano, and volunteer at a homeless shelter at night, and tomorrow I will have an oral surgery removing a teeth implant. The blisters on the sole are still there and hurting, also.

The night before George’s surgery, at the Bible study, everyone made a circle holding hands, and prayed for him. Then several people offered me help if I would need. I should rest for tomorrow’s surgery. Instead of pushing myself, I should humbly ask someone to pick up George. So I called a member of the Bible study, who is in his 70’s.

It was before 8am. The wife, who was also diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer, and started chemo last Christmas season, answered the phone. She immediately understood my situation and switched to her husband.
“ I am so glad that you called me. I am happy to pick up George. “ He delightedly accepted my request.

As I called another member of the Bible Study as well as of the volunteer team to cancel the volunteering at the shelter, she said, “ If you could not get anyone else to get George, I would truly be fine with forgoing my workshop and driving George. Truly!”

The words that I am sick spread quickly and then I received several offers of foods from multiple Bible study members, too. Since George’s lay off became official, the Bible class is getting united more and more, but today I feel their kindness so deep to my core. God is alive!

“Love your neighbors as yourself.”
“ You are the body of Christ.”

They, who are applying what they learned from the study through George, are truly brothers and sisters in Christ. We are becoming the body of Christ. It is so beautiful and encouraging!

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  1. I am thankful for the folks who’ve surrounded us with care – food & rides & cards & calls – I can see God’s love in these acts of kindness – Thank you!

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