He Cut the Throat

If I said so, it sounds so scary, but on the 18th, George and I got up at 4am and went to Fontana Kaiser driving about 90 minutes on freeways for his vocal cord surgery.

Vocal cords have two flaps and they make sounds by opening and closing. Since about three years ago, however, George’s one of those flaps has paralyzed and his voice became weak and raspy.

Up till now his doctor has shot materials in the vocal cord’s gap, which has not closed because of the paralyzed flap, from the mouth using a catheter.

The material is absorbed eventually into surrounded tissues, so he has been repeating this procedure from time to time. Yet last October it didn’t work, and even December when he tried again, it didn’t work, either.

So this time the doctor suggested the different surgery, in which he opened the throat and implanted silicon to push the paralyzed flap to close the gap.

It took about two hours.  Around 11:30am, the doctor came to see me at the waiting area, and told me that everything looked fine, showing some pictures of the vocal cords, which closed perfectly.

After waiting another hour, I finally saw George.   About 3 inch incision in front of his neck looked painful reminding me a victim of ISIS, who was beheaded, but his pain and nausea were under the control and he could even talk with a weak tiny voice.

Despite an assumption of the same day surgery, the doctor ordered him to stay over a night.  I stayed with him until around 6 pm, and came back home.

Perhaps because it was a long day, wearing the shoes all day and I even took a walk in the huge hospital property while the surgery was done, I started feeling uncomfortable and pain under the feet as though there were some small rocks in the shoes, towards the end of the day, and when I got home, I discovered two blisters on the back of the foot.  This is a symptom of hand-foot syndrome, a side effect of Xeloda, a chemo drug I started two weeks ago.

Following the information I read on the line, I soaked my feet in cold water after the shower, applied moisture cream, wore moisture socks, and took vitamin B6.  I have to drive up to Fontana again to pick up George.  I hope this took care of the blisters and they will vanish tomorrow morning!


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