February 9th, 2015

Good News for Triple Negative & Hormone Positive Breast Cancer

The following news is not directly for me who has a HER2 + Breast cancer. Yet, it is still encouraging.

1. Vaccine for Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Mayo Clinic found a target protein of triple negative cancer. Because scientists could not find targets to attack by chemo until now, triple negative was the most difficult type of breast cancer. Yet, this can be a turning point! The clinical trial of the vaccine will begin this spring.

2. New Drug for Estrogen Positive Breast Cancer was Approved
The name of the drug is Librance. In the clinical trial the Progression Free Survival rate of a combination of this drug and Femara was 20.2 months, while Femara alone was 10.2 months. FDA approved Librance two months earlier than the scheduled.

Curing cancer 100% is still a dream, but the medicine is progressing every day. I pray that the victory will come soon!