Lost Trust in Oral Surgeon

I made an appointment with a face plastic surgeon in order to ask him to prescribe the biopsy for the mandible, in which an oral surgeon told me about the possibility of cancer.

When I informed the oral surgeon about this appointment, he called me right away after more than three weeks of silence, and said, “ It’s not cancer. Don’t jump too ahead. .. The biopsy is necessary to see what is going on under the implant, but I don’t think the plastic surgeon can remove the implant…You have to go deep to get a specimen, and have to send it to the oral pathology. Kaiser’s pathology is too general and may misdiagnose.“

It’s not cancer? Don’t jump too ahead?
I am a stage IV breast cancer patient and cancer is growing.
Even if it’s rare, isn’t it reasonable to take it seriously if I hear the possibility of cancer?

I reacted in my mind, but asked him if he had said the biopsy would be invasive without removing the implant.

“ You have to remove the implant anyway whether it’s cancer or infection. I want to do everything at once. I can do the surgery on the 23rd, but if you miss that day, I don’t know when I can do it next. “

I felt pressure, so I made an appointment on the 23rd.

“ Would you give me the estimate of the cost including the biopsy?” I asked.

“ I don’t know. I can tell you after you sign the consent.”

After the consent? Then I won’t be able to cancel it even if I don’t like the price, would I?

I said, “ I am wondering if I should ask for the surgery from the dentist who did the implant. “

Then he said, “ He is not an oral surgeon, but a regular dentist, isn’t he? “

Yes, he is, but he did a great job with putting the implant in me.

Maybe the oral surgeon has an excellent skill, but I didn’t like that he didn’t contact me for more than three weeks after he scared me. I didn’t like how he communicated with me. I can’t trust him. I cancelled the appointment on the 23rd, and decided to ask the original dentist to treat the problem.

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