Lung Nodules Could be Metastatic

The result of the CT I took after a two month interval arrived.

Overall it said, “stable”, but a couple nodules became mildly bigger in my right lung.

When I read a result, I always look for the words, such as “decreased”, “ not seen”, or “improved”, so if I see the opposite words, I get intimidated.

Usually I take a CT every three months. I wonder if the reason why the interval became shorter to two months this time was because a tumor marker, CA, was elevated in the last blood test.

The elevation was a little, but my number of CA was always in the normal range in the last four and a half years – even when cancer spread into the lungs – until a couple of months ago, and that’s why I guess my oncologist called for a little earlier CT exam.

The report says, “These (changes) could be metastatic.” Then probably I need to stop Taxol anyway and change to Xeloda, which Dr. Slamon recommended.

I will see my oncologist this Friday. I will discuss about the next regimen, as well as the biopsy the oral surgeon recommended for the mandible, the bone under my teeth implant.

The biopsy is done to detect cancer, I think, and what I know is that if cancer is in the bones, that causes sharp pains. Because I don’t have any pain and the area he is talking about is the area I had an acute infection last summer, the more I think of it, the more I doubt the possibility of cancer but that it’s an infection, though there is always the possibility. If I can ask Kaiser to do the biopsy, it’s not a big deal, but if I have to do it outside of Kaiser, the insurance won’t cover it, so I’d like to discuss if it is necessary or not.

The pain of shingles is finally fading away, though the rash is still there.

““So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”—Matthew 6:34

Remembering a scripture, I give my concerns to God this morning again.

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