This Time It Is Shingles

According to a cancer friend, who just had shingles, one out of three Americans get this painful rash.

“Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. When you have chichenpox, the virus gets into your nerve roots and stays there long after you get over the chickenpox. If the virus becomes active again , it can cause shingles.”– (from Kaiser Care Instructions).

The first symptom was a sharp pain in my back on Tuesday night. I thought that was a muscle cramp, but even after I applied cream, which I usually use for cramps, it didn’t help. Soon after, the pain spread to the chest where I had a mastectomy and radiation therapy. I also felt itchy. I looked at my chest, but I didn’t see any change. Then I experienced headache and BM also became frequent.

When I heard from the friend about shingles a couple weeks ago, I Googled it with curiosity. Except rash, since everything else I have is so much like the symptom of shingles on the sites, I made an appointment with a doctor.
The day of the appointment, the 3rd day, I saw some rash on the chest.

The doctor told me that probably it was the early stage of shingles, and he prescribed me an antibiotic for 10 days.

The shooting, throbbing, and burning pains are still there, but I can tolerate them without a pain meds yet.

That afternoon, I went back to Kaiser for a CT scan, which has been two months since the last CT. Many things have been happening to my health, this year, but I’ll look forward to seeing the result next week.

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