Chronic Infection

The urgent care and the lab are on the same floor in the same building.  After I went to the lab, because I still felt weak and feverish, I decided to see a doctor in the urgent care.

The lab results were all normal except glucose, which was now 121.

The doctor ordered a chest x-ray, but the result was negative.

I informed the doctor about passing out in the bathroom.  I said, ” first I wondered if that was a sign of the brain metastasis, but as I felt better after the BM, it doesn’t seem to be associated with the brain metastasis.”  The doctor supported my thought. Relief!

I also told her about the possible chronic infection of a tooth bone: Last month when I went to a dentist for a teeth cleaning, she referred me to an oral surgeon noticing there was an exposure of a bone around the area where I had an infection last summer. As I visited the oral surgeon last week, he said the bone may be chronically infected and I should have a biopsy.

Listening to me, the urgent care doctor prescribed the same antibiotic as last summer, and it seems like it’s working.

Of cause I am glad if it’s working, but started wondering if this never-ending cough or  running nose may have something to do with the chronic infection.

I’ve never heard the word, “ chronic infection” until the oral surgeon told me. He gave me the impression that the chronic infection was somehow serious.  He said if that’s the case, I should treat it as soon as possible and if not, it may spread and affect other parts of the jaw or mouth.  He also said, it is very rare, but this could be cancer.  I didn’t take it seriously because it didn’t hurt, but I decided to Google to get to know about it better.  Then I was stunned.

The chronic infection is the infection, which the immune system doesn’t work on so it progresses quietly but surely without any pain or discomfort. Even antibiotics may eventually lose their effectiveness. AIDS and Hepatitis are examples of chronic infections.

This–the immune system is unable to work to kill the invading agents–sounds like cancer, and indeed, there are cancers which were caused by chronic infections.

Last summer when I had a horrible pain in the mouth, it must have been acute infection.   The exposed bone is under an implant which I spent lots of money and time on six years ago. When the oral surgeon said probably I need to remove the implant, I was very disappointed, but now I realize this is much more serious stuff which threatens my life, if I have it.

I am thankful that I noticed it instead of ignoring it.


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