A New Resolution

Monday was the first chemo day of 2015. The routine began with weight checking.
The number that immediately appeared was shocking. I gained five pounds in only two weeks. I took off a thick cardigan and stepped on the scale again. One pound lessened, but I already took off my shoes, and I didn’t have anything to take off any more. I didn’t have breakfast. If I had, I would’ve seen a heavier weight. I must have eaten too mamy sweets during the holidays.

Sunday, I had blood tests which were supposed to include blood sugar and cholesterol, but I postponed them because I hadn’t fasted. Since I’ve been on steroids, I have to watch sugar and cholesterol carefully, but since I gained 5lbs, probably they are getting high, too.

I brought a piece of banana bread, fruits, nuts, and chocolate in a backpack as today’s infusion would take six hours.
The banana bread has lots of sugar, butter, and flower, but I ate it thinking it was so delicious.
The perssimon was very sweet and must have had high fructose, but I ate it all anyway.
Nuts have high calories, so I should’ve eaten only a few, but by the end of the infusion, the bag became empty.
“Chocolate is out of the question!” I thought, but it also went into to my stomach sadly.

I have a cousin-in-law, who has radically changed his diet to vegan after his diagnosis of diabetes. He said that he convinced himself that meat, sugar, or any flour products are poisons for him.
I understand also that cancer grows eating sugar: If I become diabetic, I will lose some treatment options. Yet, still they look so yummy that I can’t see them as poisons at all.
My refrigerator and kitchen storage are always full of sweets, especially around this time of a year. Even if I go to the church or a friend’s house there is always something sweet waiting for me.

However, as this year’s resolution, following the cousin-in-law, I will stay away from sweets! —just one per day.
Is it still too much? Oh Lord, help me with the temptation!

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