Tons of Flowers!

New Year's Eve

After I had a great time with friends who made a fantastic dinner on New Year’s Eve, on New Year’s Day, I went to see Rose Parade Floats for the first time in my life with George, a brother-in-law, and his wife.

There were about a hundred floats and a huge crowd, but I could see the floats so close to my eyes and was amazed with marvelous designs, creativities, scales, and beauties.

Rose Parade floatローズパレード#3

City of Torrance #2How long does it take to make a float?
How many people are involved in one project?
What is the process?
Where is it made? Does someone drive a float on the freeway to Pasadena?
How many kinds of plants are used?
Who designs and decides all the materials?  Etc…

Rose Parade Pink Ribon

I wanted to ask so many questions, but volunteers in white suits standing in front of the floats were so busy answering others that I could ask only one question:

“When did the volunteers decorate the flowers?” Zappo

“Since it is warm in Pasadena, in order to keep the flowers fresh, usually they decorate 24 hours before the parade. Yet because this year was cold, they did it 48 hours before the parade,” a volunteer guide answered me.

24-48 hours— that means so many volunteers are needed.

ローズパレードw: GeorgeThere must be hundreds or thousands of kinds of flowers but some are ordered outside of California, I heard.

All kinds of colors and textures are created by not only flowers but also vegetables, nuts, fruits, crops, beans, leaves, etc. The creativity and knowledge of the designers are superb, but the creativity of our God, who made all those plants with different colors and textures, is just incredible!

Going to see the Rose Parade floats was one of the things on my bucket list, and indeed the beauty of the creation made me happy very much!

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