Worry Caused Stress Onto Others

“I am shopping for Christmas gifts. I can’t enjoy the time with the family and friends. This is too much.”

Charging my cell-phone, which was dead for a couple days, I found My son, Soh’s numerous text messages sent on Dec. 23rd

I have asked him to fix a website of NPO Grain of Wheat so that we would be able to raise funds for a cancer friend, Vivian, but it was Christmas week and Soh was on the vacation.

The website Soh built five years ago has needed major maintenance, while there are several personal fundraising websites, which are user friendly, but after a meeting with Doug, Vivian’s husband, we decided to use the Grain of Wheat website because Doug’s son, Dan, who is a website developer, would be able to help.

The idea of the fundraising came up in November, but it was December, the busiest month of a year when we asked Dan to make a fundraising page as well as Soh to assist Dan.
As Christmas was approaching Worrying about Vivian, who became sicker, I felt urgency to start the fundraising. I regretted the decision of using the Grain of Wheat site, and felt time pressure but didn’t notice that my pressure was pressuring others who were involved in this project.
“ASAP!” I was typing numerous times in emails on top of requesting some modifications and additions on the page. A few weeks later finally the fundraising page was completed in an adapted Grain of Wheat website on December 23rd.

As Lee, our good friend, promptly announced the fundraising to all the friends, from next day, Christmas Eve, the donations have been coming. As of today, 12/30/14, we raised about $4000.

I was relieved from the pressure, but reading Soh’s messages, I am wondering that maybe we didn’t need to be in such a hurry; maybe it would have been o.k. to wait after New Year’s Day. Feeling bad to put pressure on everyone’s shoulder, I sent apology emails.

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