It Became Quiet Again

Like the song “Twelve Days of Christmas”, I learned that traditionally Christmas lasts twelve days starting from Dec. 25th or the night before 25th.

When George was a child, a Christmas tree was set out on Christmas eve after he went to bed, and on Christmas morning there was a big surprise with the tree along with many gifts, he said.

My British friend, Susan, also told me that she also kept a Christmas tree for twelve days through a new year.

In our case this year, however, two days after Christmas when our younger son, Soh and his family (Pinky and a dog, Illy) – who had moved to the Bay Area recently and were visiting us for a Christmas vacation – left, we put away all the Christmas decorations.

The house became plain and quiet, again.

Though we will see friends and family next week, as well, I feel a little lonely being alone with George.  This must be the feeling of the empty nest and I feel like we are definitely in a new chapter of life.

In this new chapter, specifically the next new year, however, I say to myself, “Look forward to God’s good plan for us and to lots of blessings because HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!”


One thought on “It Became Quiet Again

  1. I put up the Christmas lights, decorated the house, bought new sheets and hosted Christmas dinner party because my son and daughter-in-law were staying here for 3 nights. Tonight I sent them off, and, just as you wrote, the house became quite again.

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