Santa is Coming!

Micha Santa

Santa is Micah, who has a mental disability and the Elf is George.
This was a shot before they left for delivering Christmas gifts to lonely elders, children who lost their mom to cancer, and Micah’s group home.

Micah always looks forward to this day when he becomes Santa and people also welcome his surprise visit. This is George’s idea and production a long time ago. He wanted to teach Micah that Christmas means not only receiving, but also giving and this became a tradition since Micah loves it.

When Santa comes back after the work, it will be his turn to receive a gift from the Elf.
I am at home waiting for them, but imagining he is giving joy to the people with gifts saying, “ Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas!” and everyone is having fun right now. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

One thought on “Santa is Coming!

  1. The picture is Norman Rockwell.
    The reality is a human being being excite about being Santa.
    He’s learning to care – put others first – enjoy the burgers we eat (xtra pickles)
    My joy is watching his joy.

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