Because There Is Christmas

Christmas is coming! Decorating the tree, playing Christmas carols by piano, attending parties and Christmas concerts, shopping for gifts and sending cards., I have been busy but enjoying this holy season.
This is the 5th Christmas after my diagnoses of cancer and I am just so thankful that God has sustained my life one more year sending many blessings despite the trials that have come one after another.

Especially I am thankful that I could accomplish language support for two Japanese breast cancer patients, who finished their treatments and left for Japan.

I was also inspired by the news that Lauren Hill, the 19 year old terminal brain cancer girl, who was told that she may not make it to this Christmas, participated in one more college basketball game scoring points even though she is now under hospice care.


On top of that, she is on a campaign to raise one million for brain cancer research. Wishing to support her and to become a cheerful giver as Jesus taught me, I decided to send a donation.

From Guatemala we received a picture of a young boy, Mario whom George and I have been sponsoring through World Vision about 12 years, and a brace band he made.

hand bandWearing the band and looking at the growing Mario in the picture, I was so glad that we decided to support him and could do so up to now. I hope we can continue the sponsorship until he becomes an independent man and imagine how wonderful it would be if we could meet him someday.

For me, Christmas is all about Jesus. The Halleluiah Chorus singing, “The King of kings, The Lord of lords,” touched me deeply and I renewed the gratitude for the priceless gift, Jesus, who was sent to become a human humbly to teach us how to love one another, and to die for our Sin though He was the only Son of God.

Compared with many organizations and individuals that have touched so many lives and made great differences, what Grain of Wheat or I do is nothing.
Yet because I love Jesus and our Father in Heaven, because I want to give Him back what he has done to me though it is never possible to do so, and because Jesus said, “The harvest is great but the workers are few,” (Luke 10:2) I want to become a cheerful giver like Jesus told me.

Being encouraged by George, I have continued the support or volunteering, and if I see the fruits, I feel great joy even if it doesn’t pay me any money. I am slow, making many mistakes, forgetful, disorganized, selfish, and weak to temptations, but God still equips me.  I am thankful.
My life after I got cancer is like extra. If I can transform myself following Jesus style, at the end of my life on the earth, I should be able to say, “ I did it! Halleluiah!”
It is all because there is Christmas; Jesus was born.

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