Crossing Fingers for Good Result of CT

I will go to take a CT scan again tomorrow.
It has been about three months since the last CT, which showed a mild improvement.
Except the peripheral neuropathy, I feel like my condition has been the same and the liver enzyme levels, which were high for a while, are now within the normal range. I anticipate a good result, but if not, I am thinking of using T-DM1 again.

Usually it takes a week to get back the results. Since next Thursday is Thanksgiving, I am going to ask for the result on Wednesday.

Lauren, who has a few weeks to live, said, “ I’m not afraid. Send it now. I’m ready.”
She must be with God, who gives power and strength. I’m not brave enough to say the same as her, but at least I will wait for the result thinking that my life is also in God’s hands, and He will be with me regardless of the results.

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