In ESL Bible class, we learned meanings of craftsman and handiwork. I didn’t know handiwork include not only furniture, or jewelries, but also houses, music, literature or cooking. Being able to make an exact image in the mind into a product is really fascinating and I wish I had such ability.

According to the Bible, God is like a craftsman, and we human beings are his handiwork or even masterpieces that were created to do good work for His Kingdom.

This is really encouraging when I get down thinking that I am a loser, old, or a waste, because God is so perfect that He doesn’t do shoddy work.  Although I don’t have any hair, but many wrinkles and cramps, can’t spell, can’t remember people’s names, and am late everywhere, I am still His carefully made masterpiece.  The Craftsman has spent more time on me especially since I got cancer, and will never stop working on me to make me better person in Christ regardless of cancer or age. Therefore there is no reason to get down or give up! It is still possible for me to do good works and get mature!


Juck o lantern

George’s handiwork; Jack o Lantern.


One thought on “Craftsman

  1. God’s word is so true & inspiring!!
    You have many talents & gifts.
    Including cooking 😉
    By the way, tell George great job
    On the pumpkin!

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