“The Blog Is Strange”

“ There is a message with a password screen. Your blog has changed.”

Being told by my sister in Japan, I looked at my blog and noticed the problem.

The trouble shooter is always the younger son, Soh, who designed the blog. Fortunately he was with me on the trip, so I asked him to fix the problem. Looking at his own laptop, he said that it was the provider’s problem. It would take a while to be fixed but shouldn’t be a big deal.

“ I see.” In the past the same thing had happened multiple times, so I accepted. Yet this was actually a fake.

On Saturday night the elder son, Roy, cooked super tender delicious spare ribs spending more than 6 hours and my family celebrated a little earlier my 60th birthday with the best apple pie (that Roy had picked). Then turning around the laptop towards me, Soh said, “ This is the birthday gift for you from me.”

In the screen there was a beautiful wheat photo with the words, “ Thriving and Surviving.”

The reason why the blog had a problem was this. Soh was renewing the design for me.
The image of wheat reminds me of a Bible verse:
“Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone, but if it dies, it produces much grain. “ (John 12:24)

The verse I interpret as “Throw your life for others, and new hope will grow in other’s lives,” was the verse George used when he named our international organ transplant support ministry and now serves for cancer patients and their families, which had had no name and no money for years, as NPO 501c3 status “Grain of Wheat” .

The new blog is still under the construction, but I was excited with this beautiful wheat background.

Taking coffee and plates of the apple pie, we sat around the old aged stove and shared many memories that we could laugh at now, but had been scary and close calls, such as little Soh getting lost in the Miami airport, and little Roy almost drowning in a bath tub, etc. Then George said,
“ Life is very fragile. Nobody is entitled to tomorrow, but it is all God’s Grace that we can have today. We should always be thankful for what we receive instead of complaining about what we don’t receive.”
This is truly true.
At the end of our trip, before we got into our own cars, five of us made a circle holding hands with each other, and we gave thanks to God for this one more precious family trip.

The Vineyard View Ranch we stayed.

The Vineyard View Ranch we stayed.


After the harvest, the leaves are changing it’s color. The view reminds me John 5:15 ““I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

The family time at a night

A family time at a night

the goats welcomed us wagging their short tails and crying out, "Baaaaa!" each time we came back to the ranch.

The goats at the ranch.  They welcomed us wagging their short tails and crying out, “Baaaaa!” each time we came back to the ranch.

One thought on ““The Blog Is Strange”

  1. Happy Birthday, Zuyo-chan,
    We are glad to celebrate 5 years after.
    Every day, every moment, every person is a gift.
    Unwrap the gifts – and be very thankful

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