The 5th Birthday From the Diagnose

It is 3:30 am. I am up because I can’t sleep.
From yesterday George and I are at a ranch in Santa Ynez, known for its wineries. This is my birthday family trip and the kids are coming today. I will be 60 on the 21st and this is also the 5th birthday from the diagnose of breast cancer in 2010.
Being surrounded by rural scenery of mountains, vineyards, green farms, and livestocks such as hoses, caws, sheep, and goats, I have enjoyed this beautiful, spacious, peaceful place.
In spite of that, at night the leg cramps continually attack me and then, shortness of breath, and spasms interrupt my sleep.
I took all kinds of medicines and supplements, but none of them helped.
I woke up and am thinking that I am no longer young; the battling against cancer or the side effects are getting tougher.
Yet, if I look back, while I was always concerned with the same, gratefully I have been able to manage the side effects and survive so far.
I didn’t expect that, and then I feel like this 5th birthday is a milestone. I could do that because not only George and the kids, but also my families in both Japan and the U.S., as well as many friends have supported me and most importantly God has been with me.
Sleepless nights may continue and the concerns are endless. However, God was, is, and will never leave me!
Now I am encouraged and my legs feel better. I am going back to bed hoping to be able to sleep now.
Lampoc Winary

View from the ranch

The view from the ranch

2 thoughts on “The 5th Birthday From the Diagnose

  1. Happy birthday beautiful friend!
    I hope you had a wonderful time with your family.

  2. To my very dear friend, wishing you Many Happy Returns of the Day (as we say in UK) and wishing you many more. You are a shining example to so many Kathy and I am so glad you had a lovely weekend with your family. God bless, Susan

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