Heat and Cramps Discourage Exercise

Our house doesn’t have any AC.  We only have two fans.  Usually even if downtown LA has over 90 F, with the breeze from the ocean here in Torrance, I seldom feel hot or sweaty.  However the last  few days, even in Torrance, the temperatures hit 99F and without AC it is as if I were in an oven.  I don’t feel like doing anything and just have long naps.

During the naps and even the nights’ sleeps, the cramps have attacked over and over and woke me up.

I went to a Tai-chi class on Wednesday, and the cramps started raiding from that night.

I thought the Chinese herb medicine was helpful for cramps, but not always; the cramps have attacked me drawing waves.  Maybe the high-heels sometimes I wear contribute to them, too.

Because lots of sites say exercise is good to prevent cramps, I am trying Tai-Chi and at Kaiser, I choose stairs instead of an elevator to get to the 3rd floor, where the oncology department is,  but as I get to the 3rd floor, my legs feel so heavy and I am out of breath.

I am afraid that my muscles are so weak and this is a symptom of peripheral neuropathy, which has been damaging my nerve system continually.

The heat and the cramps discourage me to do exercise.  Aah, if Pepper were with me, I wouldn’t wonder but walk with her and that would be the right exercise for me.  I miss her!

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