Perjeta Making Remarkable Survival Record

The survival time of Perjeta, a new drug approved in the usage with Herceptin and chemo drug by FDA for advanced HER2 breast cancer two years go, has made the longest record of survival time.
According to the news I read yesterday, the Europe Society of Medical Oncology informed that in a median of survival time, a group of Perjeta+Herceptin +Taxotere showed 16 months longer than a control group with Herceptin+ Taxoyere+ placebo.
I didn’t know, but usually a good drug means improving only a few months of survival time, and because this is so, this result is unprecedented, said the news.
As Perjeta is still pretty new, there were not enough dates to know how long the patients could survive, but excitingly the specialists expect Perjeta will keep renewing the record.
In another data, Perjeta has knocked down the death rate to 32% less than the control group.
Even regarding side effects, though Herceptin, a profoundly essential drug for HER2 positive breast cancer, can affect the heart function, with Perjeta, somehow this side effect was seen less.
So much good news of Perjeta!

In my case, in which cancer became reactive soon after I changed the regimen from T-DM1( Kadcyla) to this Perjeta combo, I am not sure if Perjeta is compatible with my cancer or not, but I hope and pray that adding Taxol, which took me into the remission two years ago, a synergetic effect is happening.

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