Recommended Baby Aspirin and Vitamin D

I have read that a baby aspirin and vitamin D might prevent breast cancer in news articles before, but yesterday when I assisted a cancer friend, I had a chance to hear about this great information from her doctor directly.

The friend was advised to take a baby aspirin and vitamin D along with Tamoxifen, a hormone medicine, and the doctor told that if cancer is hormone driven stage one, which means the lymph nodes were not involved, it is probably safer and more effective to continue a baby aspirin and vitamin D for the rest of life with 5- year usage of tamoxifen than a 10 year usage of tamoxifen. He said the long-term usage of tamoxifen has a risk of ovarian cancer.

When I had Googled, I read that vitamin D can prevent cancer cell’s division. Although as of now there is no evidence that both aspirin and vitamin D could shrink cancer like chemo yet, the doctor said they can prevent not only breast cancer but all kinds of other cancer, as well.
I, who recently increased the dose of vitamin D from 2000 IU to 4000 IU, wished to hear that either aspirin or vitamin D was effective even for stage IV cancer, but nevertheless, I think this is still a big deal.

In my follow up research, I was excited to find that aspirin may be good for the prevention of the most notorious triple negative breast cancer, and also that it may work on cancer stem cells. Because aspirin may cause serious bleeding in the digestive organs, the articles warn that the patients need to consult their doctors if they want to use it.

At night my good friend from the U.K. also gave me an U.K. newspaper article regarding vitamin D. According to the article, while vitamin D deficiency can cause cancer, we can only intake 5 % of vitamin D, which a body needs, from food, and the most major source is the sun. The scientists in U.K. proved that “people who get more exposure (to the sun) get less cancer including the skin cancer, melanoma.”
As a side note, the retired UCLA doctor, who recommended me vitamin D, said that recent studies discovered vitamin D is also good to prevent diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer disease, dementia, etc, and encouraged George, who has Parkinson’s disease, to take vitamin D, as well.
Our body can make such an important vitamin D just exposing under the sun. God’s creation is truly marvelous!

I have read that 70 % of breast cancer can be cured and never come back only with the first treatment. If aspirin or vitamin D, which are easy to get and much less harmful than chemo, can prevent cancer, this is the best way to go. Though I am not in such a lucky group, I feel like the new era that we don’t have to be afraid of cancer is coming close.

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