Grace Time

Tardy is my bad habit. Even when I was a child, I was always late to school.
I could see the elementary school from my house, but I didn’t have a time to fix my bad hair, and making a box shape Japanese leather heavy back luggage, a sort of a backpack, toss up and down on my back, I would run in full speed.

Now I am almost 60, but still I am late to go everywhere, and this time I am speeding!

This morning was not the exception. It takes at least 15 minutes from home to Kaiser, but when I was ready to leave, it was already 5 minutes before the appointment. I don’t know where the two hours were gone, but if I am in harry, I become forgetful or careless, too.

In the car, first I noticed I didn’t have sunglasses and then I noticed that I didn’t take Zyertec, a premed for chemo infusion again! The clock in the car was showing 9:30, the appointment time. I felt so bad, shame, and guilty.

Thankfully Kaiser gives patients 30 minutes grace time. Grace means blessings or gifts from God, which we don’t deserve to receive, in the Bible. Indeed, without grace time, I would’ve missed or cancelled too many appointments. Kaiser also gave me Zyertec with a bottle of water and some crackers upon my request. (If I forgot ice packs to prevent peripheral neuropathy for my limbs, a nurse would give them to me, too.) This is also another grace. I have received countless graces in my life! Breaking this bad habit must be one of my bucket lists.

2 thoughts on “Grace Time

  1. Oh my, this made me laugh so much!
    I am also tardy for many things!
    Thankfully, God’s grace is sufficient .

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