Song Of A Girl Who Lost Mom

Rhema Marvanne

Rhema Marvanne was three years old when her mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and when she was six years old, Mom passed away at age 36. It was November 2008.

As Rhema missed Mom, Dad taught her gospel songs.

After the tears, pains, and grief, Rhema, who had received the gift of singing and the faith in Christ from Mom, became a gospel singer at age 7.
A new sprout appeared after a grain of wheat fell into the ground. God created a new hope out of the desperation.

Listening to her singing, I can’t help thinking that she knows not only the suffering of life but also God’s Grace.

I pray that God will protect her and guide her to flourish outside and inside with beauty and strength as much as Mom.

4 thoughts on “Song Of A Girl Who Lost Mom

  1. So sweet and innocent! Thank you Kathy for posting this for all of us to enjoy!

  2. I feel sorry for her because she lost her mother I know it feels losing a love one

  3. Thank you for the comments! It is sad and horrible to lose mom. I wish she hadn’t had to go through this, but God is with her and He is equipping her to touch our hearts, comforting and encouraging. I pray for her again just like you wish all the best for her.

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