The Regimen Is Working within Expectation

The CT result showing the cancer shrinkage was certainly good news, but how much did they shrink? While it is said that the 2nd round of a medicine is not as effective as the 1st time,  how about in my case?

I visited the oncologist to discuss about the most recent CT result.

In the report, the lymph nodes became “ mildly enlarged” from “prominent”. Yet the largest lymph node shrank only 1mm
From 13mm to 12mm, and the word,” stable” used here and there bothered me. Two years ago when I was on Taxol with Herceptin and Tykerb, the shrinkage was more significant and the word “stable” was found less on the report.

The doctor said that the recent result was within her expectation and she doesn’t think it was less effective compared with two years ago.

OK. That’s encouraging. The doctor told me to continue the same regimen and take the next CT in two months.

I also told her that I resumed the herb medicine, Goshajinkigan.
“ This medicine is the only one that works for the peripheral neuropathy. Without it I cannot sleep because of all the pains and discomforts.”
Then she said, “ If the liver fails, it will be serious. I want you to know that, but I understand what you’re saying.”

She will monitor the liver enzyme levels weekly instead of every three weeks from now on.
I am relieved as now the doctor knows I am taking the herb. I hope and pray that the regimen will continually work without any problems, as well as the herb medicine.

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