I’m Responsible To Take Care of My Body

I’m thankful that the side effects seems to not be getting worse yet, though I ‘ve been on Taxol without break.
While this week would be a week off if the cycle is three weeks on followed by a week off, as I was told that the first week off would be 9/8 instead, that made me nervous and tempted to ask to give me the week off right away.
I had to pray for peace and patience.
The change was made, and God is with me. So why do I have to be afraid?
I accepted the new schedule the hospital gave me, and went for an infusion of Taxol today.
Decadron is a premed steroid and every infusion I have this before Taxol.
“ This is Decadron 10mg.” A nurse told me hanging the bag on the pole of an infusion machine.
10mg? That is not a half but the full dose, isn’t it?
I have requested to reduce the dose of steroid because of a concern of elevating glucose level, and fortunately I remembered the dose.
“ The dose has changed into a half since two weeks ago, right?”
I asked.
“ You asked that last week, too,” said the nurse with a smile and checking the instruction tapping the keys of a computer.
Next moment, staring at the computer, she said,
“ You are right. It should be 5mg. I will ask the doctor.”
I had to wait for a while, but I was glad that the mistake was avoided.
I am one of many patients for the hospital, but for me this is my only body. I am the one who rejoices or cries. Even if people think I am a pain in the neck, I should ask and search until I fully understand and know what is going on instead of leaving everything to the medical staff hands because I should own the final responsibility of the treatments and be the final decision maker.

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