Is Taxol Working?

I started taxol on 6/30 and I am now on the 3rd cycle.  Yet I still have hair which had been shaved to about half an inch long.
Two years ago when I first used Taxol, I was on it three weeks followed by a week off.  This time as I was following the schedule the hospital gave me, I noticed I haven’t had any week off.
The doctor answered my question saying that I could be on taxol weekly or with a week off.  “What would you like?” She asked.  Of course I want a week off because I am concerned peripheral neuropathy very much.
So the cycle was fixed, but until September I will have been on taxol for 11 weeks in raw except one week when the infusion was canceled due to the infection.
In spite of that, I still have hair.  Why is it?
Is taxol not working?  Is it because I’ve been taking so many supplements? Or both; high doses of supplements is interfering the work of taxol?
How about peripheral neuropathy?  I was so afraid that it would become worse once I start taxol.  Though tingling, numbness,  burning, etc, all the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are still the main issue,  they also seem not getting worse yet.  Actually I’ve been able to sleep a little better since I restarted the Chinese herb medicine.
The new regimen should work well because this regimen is one of the newest blockbusters and I am taking taxol more often than two years ago adding even vitamin D.  If not, I will be very disappointed.
Thy will be done!

One thought on “Is Taxol Working?

  1. Hello Kathy,
    It is good to hear that you are sleeping better.
    God is good!
    Many prayers for you my dear sweet sister 😉

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