Watching Glucose Level

A good glucose (sugar) level in the blood is between 70-99, according to Kaiser. Yet my glucose level has been elevating more than this range since I started a steroid along with Taxol.

Last week as it hit 125, I experienced thirst and was so close to the bathroom.  If you are diabetic, the level goes up more than 200.  Though my case was not serious like that yet,I got nervous and changed my diet immediately because my father was diabetic, and most importantly diabetes causes peripheral neuropathy, I read.

I avoided not only sweets, but also white rice and bread.  Then immediately the level dropped from 125 to 99.  Wow!  Starch like white rice and bread, affects the glucose level greatly.

However, if I go by a sweet section at a supermarket, the temptation becomes great.  As I gave in, the level went up high and then I tried hard to limit myself next day.  The glucose level has been up and down between 125 and 97.

If I keep injecting the steroid every week, it must become more difficult to control by diet.  Also, two years ago when I stopped the steroid, I didn’t have any problem. Two thoughts made me email the oncologist, who told me I should not go off the steroid, asking again to reduce the dose of the steroid, and she finally accepted my request.

After the dose was cut into a half, this morning, the glucose level was 89, which is ideal.

I was relieved so I ate a piece of blueberry pie!

Kathy, watch out!  You should continue to keep the good eating habit you just learned!

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