Let Him Go Again

“ Mom, Big news.”

Soh, the second son told me over the phone.

He bought a house last fall.  He also got a promotion recently.  Then maybe a baby?

He said, “No.”

As the company he works for has been bought by Facebook and will relocate to San Francisco, he decided to move to San Francisco, also—he said.

“The company will pay all expenses of moving.  The salary will increase X%, the bonus will be x times as now….“

He was excited telling me all the good deals he will receive, over the phone.

“Great!  Congratulations!”

I answered so, but my mind was not following what he was saying.  Instead, the sad feeling was surging inside of me.


When two sons graduated from colleges and were ready to move out, George told them to take everything with them and to not even leave a sock behind:  Coming back home with laundry is not independent.  In order to become a complete adult, they have to learn, drawing the line.  That’s what George wanted to teach them.

Looking at the empty rooms, I cried for three days.

Yet, the boys have visited us every holiday and birthday; we have traveled together every now and then, and since I got cancer, they have often called, emailed, and come over with Japanese food.

When I wanted to collect signatures for a petition for T-DM1, Soh, said, “ How many signatures do you need?  If it’s one thousand, I will do it for you.” And he did.  Even this blog, Soh made for me.

That dear son will move to San Francisco, an 8-hour drive away from Torrance.

I understand it’s common for kids to live far away from parents and nothing unusual.   Even I myself, live thousands of miles away from my family in Japan.   I have to let him go again— though I will miss him big time.





2 thoughts on “Let Him Go Again

  1. Hi Kathy,

    Our children are blessings & gifts from God.
    My children have grown up & moved away,
    Some moved back closer & some farther.
    But I always keep in contact with them often,
    With texts, calls, FaceTime, Facebook etc…
    I try to remember that they are where God
    Has placed them for many reasons, a lot that
    We may never know.
    But I know that they love & miss me no matter
    How far or close they are. 😉

  2. Sharon,

    You are absolutely right! If I think children are God’s, it helps me let Soh go. As long as we make efforts to keep the healthy relationship, not too close or too lose, centering God, we will be ok. Thank you for the wisdom!:-)

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