I’m Desperate for Good Sleep

Trouble sleeping has been a long-term issue for me, but it has worsened as the peripheral neuropathy has gotten  worse.

It is difficult to fall asleep at first, and then  I wake up in the middle of a night and have a hard time to go back to sleep.
Often it is because of numbness and burning discomforts of my legs, sometimes because of shortness of breath like an elephant was sitting on my chest, sensations to go to the bathroom, hot flashes, and even George’s cough or tossing.
As I struggle to sleep, turning over side to side, now I wake George up.
If I hear a cuckoo clock in the living room every 30 minutes for a few hours, with frustration, I get up.
Last night, too, I stayed up until around 5am.  Finally I got sleepy and went back to bed, but since I had a doctor appointment at 8:30am, I slept only 2 hours.
Without good night sleep, I can’t focus, get grouchy, inpatient, irritable, unkind, and overwhelmed easily.
Probably my immune system also gets weak, and maybe that’s why I was infected.
As I complained about this insomnia to the doctor, she suggested to quit Taxol as soon as possible.
No, no, no!
I am betting on taxol to shrink cancer, and I want to be on it as long as possible. Yet, I should wait to discuss about it until I see the result of the next CT.  Hope I can sleep better tonight.

One thought on “I’m Desperate for Good Sleep

  1. Hi Kathy,
    Please know that I
    pray for you every night
    before I go to sleep.
    God bless you my sweet sister 😉

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