Infection Canceled Chemo Infusion

Calling for a New Medicine

Two tarantulas, big hairy poisonous spiders, jumped on me; one  ripped off my finger, and another bit my head.


I screamed and then George woke me up.

It was a dream.  My infected gum hurt so bad that I had a nightmare- I guess.

Although I was taking the antibiotic  for three days, it didn’t seem to be working.  I needed pain pills more than the direction said.

Last Saturday,the next day after I had a bad dream,  I called the dentist asking for a new antibiotic.  Yet he told me to finish the first antibiotic and let him know how I would be on Monday.

Hanging up the phone, I pondered if I could wait until Monday, or if it’s ok to leave the infection with ineffective medicine.

 No.  I don’t think so.  If this is an infection, probably a Kaiser doctor can prescribe a different antibiotic.

I called Kaiser and then a nurse told me to go to Urgent Care.

Once I started the new antibiotic, the pain went away immediately.  This time it must be working.


Unexpected Postpone

However, an unexpected thing happened at the chemo ward on Monday.   I was told that I had to postpone my chemo infusion until next Monday.

“If you have an infection and add chemo, the infection would get worse.  You don’t want that,” said a nurse.

 If I miss chemo, what would happen to cancer?

That was my reaction.  Yet I have had three drugs.  Hopefully canceling one drug one time won’t be a big deal.

Right now fixing the infection completely as soon as possible is more important.   Meanwhile I hope I can have good night sleeps without nightmare!

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