Excruciating Pain from Infection

Since last Friday, after dinner, around the teeth I had implanted 5 years ago it has been hurting. The pain became so intense spreading even to my head and neck  that it was almost unbearable.

Holding onto a pain med, I finally visited a dentist.

” There aren’t nerves under the implants any more, so this is an infection.  Do you know what your white cell counts are?”

The dentist asked.

I downloaded the lab result through the iPad.  The numbers have decreased since I started Taxol.  If we don’t have enough white cells, we get easily infected, and infections could kill us.

“This is about the bottom line of the normal range.  You have to be careful,” said the dentist.  Receiving prescriptions of an antibiotic with a pain medicine, I was relived anticipating I would be OK soon.

I am so thankful that I live in the modern world where antibiotics are available.  Also, I am thankful that the dentist took me in immediately, while (I don’t know if I should blame Obama Care or not) it is getting harder and harder to make a prompt appointment now days.

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