Old Hymn Touched A Lonely Widow

I was invited for lunch by a 87 year-old widow.  She is a wealthy lady who used to have horses and even an airplane, but after her beloved husband passed away, she lives in a big house all alone.  Just like my 86 year old-mother, if you are lonely, you want someone to talk with.  Enjoying  a plate of salmon she cooked for me, I paid full attention to her talk, which changed topics spontaneously.

Then, she started talking about a piano.  The beautiful antique baby grand piano in the living room used to belong to her husband’s family.  Though her mom also played piano, she doesn’t, and after her three sons moved out, she has been only dusting the piano which had no one to play.

She asked, ” Do you play piano?  If so, I’d like you to play something.”

It was such a beautiful piano.  With gratitude, I accepted the request, and sat at the piano.

Opening the hymn book she gave me, I started playing.  Then I heard a whimpering sound.  She, who was listening standing at the piano, was crying.

“I’m sorry, but that was my mom’s favorite song,” saying so, she cried like a little girl.  A simple hymn touched the old vulnerable widow’s heart.

George always encourages me to play piano, which is a gift from God, for someone else, but it was a moment that I was sincerely thankful for the gift, and for the opportunity to serve Him.

One thought on “Old Hymn Touched A Lonely Widow

  1. This is such a beautiful story. I am so certain that your skill with her piano thrilled her! Maybe it was tuned better than mine!! LOL
    Sounds like you are feeling well.

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