You Look Beautiful

Golden earrings on a nurse who was preparing for my infusion caught my eye.

Even while I was answering her routine questions, the cute one-of-a kind round earrings shining on her earlobes kept drawing my attention.
“ Your earrings are very pretty!”
As I said, she brightened up and said, “Thank you. Yesterday I bought them at Polo.”

“ When you, nurses, wear colorful clothes and nice accessories, it makes me happy. I know we, patients, have a rough time, so seeing something beautiful is important to lift up the spirit.”

“ Is that so? Then I am going to wear brighter clothes from tomorrow,” said she.

She, who looked Asian in her early forties with dark skin wearing dark clothes, must look healthier and more beautiful in the bright color.

Even caps the nurses have to wear in the chemo wards, look cute if they are colorful and have animals or cartoon characters on them – though they are like plain shower caps. Actually I like them so much that I ordered two of them on line.

nurse cap cap pink

I don’t think red long nails or tattoos are proper for a nurse, but they are women, and it is comforting to be surrounded by beautiful nurses.

Listening to me, she said,
“ My mother-in-law takes care of my kids and she always asks how my day was. It is difficult to find something positive because lots of patients are depressed and our job is tough, but today I can tell her a good story.” and she grinned.

I see. I appreciated my medical staff, who welcomes me with nice smiles and treats me kindly, but they take lots of burdens from the patients and are drained out by the end of the day. They also need lots of support, encouragement, and confirmation of good work. I need to tell them how much I am thankful, or cheered, and pray for their strength more from now on. Then, their smiles would be more radiant, provoking me to smile back, and it will become contagious.

I didn’t tell her today, but I also noticed she was wearing a cross. Next time when I see her again, I am going to say, “ Are you a Christian also? So am I. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!”

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