Happy with The New Wig

My hair doesn’t seem to be ready to fall off yet, but because I knew it would be coming, I went to a hair salon to shave my hair last week.  I got sentimental as I thought I would lose hair, which took two years to grow back, again.  Yet as it was the third experience, I was surprisingly o.k. to have a skin head, and decided to get a new wig putting away the old one, which I used for three years.

At the store, I tried many: bob, wave, layer, highlight, and even blond one!  Of cause the lady at the store gave compliments whatever I tried, saying, “This also looks so natural and you look beautiful!  Why don’t you buy two to enjoy the different styles?”

Taking a lot of time, finally I picked one and went to pick it up today.

I don’t have to go to a hair salon to color the gray hair or I don’t have to fix bad hair in the morning.  I feel so good with the new wig especially as George liked it on me, and happy, happy, and happy!

new wig


One thought on “Happy with The New Wig

  1. Kathy!
    You look so adorable! I want a wig for my bad hair days!
    Hope to see you Sunday wearing it…..

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