Three More Surprises

One month after the latest CT confirmed the 3rd recurrence of cancer, finally I started the 8th regimen adding Taxol this Monday.

The peripheral neuropathy has worsened even after I quit Taxol for the last two years, and  now it has been even interrupting my sleep by causing cramps, spasms, burning, and numbness  since last June, when I  held off Goshajinkigan (a Chinese herb medicine) due to a concern of the side effects on the liver.

I chose Taxol again, hoping it will shrink cancer once more, but my peripheral neuropathy is already pretty serious.   After I passed the liver biopsy,  I have been preoccupied with it.

Taking many tablets of supplements which are said good for peripheral neuropathy according to my research, I did my best to protect myself from the side effects of Taxol.  Yet, the cramps and spasms happened mercilessly over and over the night before the chemo, and even being in the chemo chair. I felt the sensation of cramping and was afraid of it tormenting me anytime.

As the five hour chemo was done, not only my legs but the whole body was so heavy that I barely walked down the stairs.

At night, however, something unexpected happened.  There were almost neither cramps nor spasms, and the next day, I felt my legs were so light that I could even run as if I had never had troubles with my legs!

What in the world happened?

I had a steroid with chemo.  Maybe it helped the neuropathy.

I couldn’t believe myself who felt better than being before the chemo!

Then at night an email came from the GI doctor regarding the varices.

“Since the liver biopsy was negative for cirrhosis, …the varices are either an over-call or …the cause is unknown. ….I think that the varices are unlikely to cause any problems to you over the long term. ”

Yay! Though I passed the biopsy, I was still wondering what to do with the varices. Yet this concern is cleared out, too!

I heard about the Sudanese Christian woman, who sentenced the death and 100 flogs penalty was rescued, too.

I give all credits to prayers.  How powerful the prayers are, and for our Heavenly Father, nothing is impossible!

I am so grateful.


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  1. Thank God Kathy. Keep up the good work and pray, pray, pray..It has worked this far I am sure it will continue. With prayers from NH. Love you, Aunt Pat

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