June 27th, 2014

Stressful Liver Biopsy Was Negative

The result of the liver biopsy, which I had three days ago, finally arrived and it was NEGATIVE! I am so relieved because If lit was not negative, the new chemo regimen scheduled this coming Monday would have been canceled.

It all started from the “possible varices” on a report of the CT on 3/31. As I was referred to a GI doctor, he explained to me that varies could occur when a liver had a malfunction and the blood circulation in the liver is blocked. I had a blood test, liver ultrasound, and esophagus stomach endoscopy. Everything was negative and there was no varies. Then the doctor ordered the liver biopsy.
I didn’t understand why I would need the biopsy as there were no varices found, especially after I heard the liver biopsy was a little more complicated than other biopsies. When the most recent CT was scheduled, I decided to hold off on the biopsy until I saw the result.
6/4 CT result reported the varices again as well as the recurrence of cancer. Discussing with the oncologist, I thought she said that it would be better to have the biopsy, but starting the new regimen promptly should be the priority.
While I was waiting eagerly for the phone call to know when to start the new regimen, a different phone call came and I was told that I needed to schedule for the biopsy.
A lady over the phone said this was based on the agreement with the oncologist.

Being uneasy without full comprehension, I headed for the biopsy on Tuesday. A nurse who was preparing for my procedure asked me, “Do you know what you are going to have today?”
” I know I will have a liver biopsy, but not sure of the reason. I’d like to talk with the doctor before the biopsy,” answering to the nurse, I was thinking that until I fully understand why I have to have it now, I’m not going to sign on any consent forms.

Waiting for more than three hours, finally I, on the gurney, was moved to the procedure room, where I met the doctor.
” I am going to tell you what I will do.” Standing next to the gurney, he explained about the procedure and the risks, and said, ” Do you have any questions?”

“Yes,” I continued laying on the gurney. ” I don’t understand completely why I have to do this. I am a breast cancer patient, and was told that cancer came back. I am scheduled to start a new regimen on Monday, and if this procedure affects that, I’d like to cancel it.”

Changing the face expression, he said, ” If you don’t have the biopsy, you can’t have chemo.”
Now it was my turn to be surprised.
The doctor had his assistant read the order of the biopsy.
” The patient needs the biopsy prior to have chemo….”
I had no choice and had to say yes for the biopsy.
The procedure was done while I was sleeping without any troubles.
However, I was nervous thinking if I could start the new regimen this coming Monday, and anxious, “what if the biopsy finds cirrhosis?”, until today.