Taxol Again, but Liver Biopsy First

The oncologist and I discussed about the new regimen and decided to add Taxol, which shrunk metastasized cancer completely two years ago, to the current regimen, Herceptin and Perjeta.

I will lose hair, which finally became long enough, again, and am concerned with the peripheral neuropathy, which has worsened since I first used Taxol.  Yet, shrinking cancer is the priority and I am betting on this drug.

Once I decided the regimen, I wish to start it ASAP.  However, instead of a chemo nurse, the diagnostic imaging center called me telling I had to take a liver biopsy first.  The last two CTs showed possible varices.  Because an EGD (Esophagus stomach camera procedure) was negative, I held off the biopsy but the GI doctor told me this is important for me. That means I have to wait for the new regimen until 6/30.  If I think that cancer has been active since March, I get upset and crazy.  Instead of watching the storm, I have to say to myself, “ Focus on Jesus.  He is in the same boat with you!”

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