I Will Take Care Of You

I visited a patient who was at the hospital for cancer treatment.

As a nurse came into the room to help her go to the bathroom, her husband who was sitting next to the bed, immediately moved her walker right front of her and escorted her to the bathroom.  Watching how precisely and promptly he took the actions, I learned she was taken care of well by him.

Cancer takes us all of sudden to the front line of the battle and we have to learn quickly how to fight in the chaos.

The husband is taking good care of his wife spending many hours next to her, clicking his laptop constantly to learn and seek the cure, and going to work to bring home the check.  Under the gentle smile, I wonder how much burden he has carried.

The humble man with gray hair and deep wrinkles, looked so big and dependable.

And so is George, my husband.

“ I am determined to take care of you.”

Since the bad report came back, how many times he has said so?

Last Sunday was Father’s Day.  My grownup sons and daughter-in law did really good job to fix BBQ and show appreciation to their father.  I am thankful watching them growing mature year-by-year, but I continually pray:  May my sons become good Godly men who know God and can take good care of their wives and kids, receiving wisdom and strength from the Lord, like their father, George.

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