Give Me The Strength

“Kazuyo-san, How are you?”

A mother, whose young son has very rare type of cancer, called me.

Recently her son also received a bad result of a CT

” How come he has to go through this?  Maybe this was my fault,” she said.

The temptation of blaming herself; the helplessness of watching her son, who used to be strong and healthy, losing weight and deteriorating; the sorrow of the young man, whose hope has been betrayed over and over no matter how bravely he has fought;  a desperate question she or he wants to shout, “Though there are people who live to 90 or even 100, why? WHY?! “-I can feel all of them deep into the core.

Yet, the question never leads us to the answer, or even if we find the answer, that will never give us peace but depress us more.

” God made everything perfect.  He is the author of the life.  Death,  illness, and sufferings–all of them are His enemies.  That’s why He sent Jesus onto the earth to rescue us from them.  We must not see the storm.  If we see it, we are frozen with horror and are engulfed instantly into the darkest pit.  The good news is that we have faith. We are not alone.   Although our boats are small and tossed left and right, Jesus is in them.  He can calm the storm. He is stronger than cancer and even death! Focusing on Him, we have to ask for strength to go through this storm.  The Bible says that our suffering lasts for a short time, but the joy waiting ahead lasts forever. I will pray for two of you, so you, too. Please pray ,’ Give me the strength’ and reach to the other side.”

What I said to her was also what I had to remember.


We who have fled to Him for refuge can take new courage, for we can hold on to his promise with confidence.”  Hebrews 6:18 (NLT)




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