Sleepy and Hungry with UES

It was 95F outside.  Yet I was at Kaiser, where the AC was on, in the morning as well as in the afternoon.  In the morning I went for  a liver ultrasound and in the afternoon I went back for my first experience of an upper endoscopy.  Both were for the follow up of the CT I took before the Japan trip to exam if I had varices, swollen vein, around my stomach.

The varices around  a stomach is a secondary problem of  a liver disease, which blocks the blood circulation in a liver, such as cirrhosis, according to a GI doctor.  He denied the connection of the varices and cancer or side-effects of chemo.

The blood test I had prior showed an improvement of AST, an enzyme that indicates abnormality of a liver, with other results, which were all in normal range.   AST was increasing while I was on T-DM1, but now it started decreasing after I changed the regimen to Herceptin and Perjeta this February. Though the number is still a little higher than the standard, it makes me think that the reason of high AST is not a liver disease but a side effect of T-DM1.

The ultrasound took longer than usual and I wondered if there were any suspicious problems, but the endoscopy was done while I was sleeping. I think that the doctor said there were novarices and he would order  a liver biopsy, but I am not sure because I was affected by the sedative, though I remember I was craving for food:  I was fasting from the midnight until after 5 pm when the exam was done.  
I ate big packed lunch (or dinner), some donuts, and fruits, and then slept again on a couch until after 10pm.  When I woke up, George was already in bed.  
Well, I have to wait for the morning to ask him if the doctor really said to me that there were novarices and next exam would be the biopsy.  Without him, I am always short.

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