It Has Been Four Years

Yesterday, on the Mother’s Day, I said to Sunday School students, “Mom is a precious gift from God.  The Bible says obeying and honoring parents pleases The Lord.  Let’s make a special day for her by telling how much you love her!”

In the afternoon, our grown up children came over with sushi and lobsters for me.

Spending the joyful time with them, I recalled the Mother’s Day four years ago.  It was two days after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, when my heart sank like a heavy lead and  the soul was blown like a withered leaf by the shock and fear.  I taught at the Sunday School, attended a worship service, and in the afternoon, the sons and the daughter came over just like yesterday.  I was so vulnerable  that the words of the Bible, and kindness of friends and the family made me cry easily.

Since then cancer has come back twice, I have lost hair twice, had surgeries three times, and been on chemo continually.  However, my family has always surrounded me giving firm support and encouragement.  Living a day at a time instead of looking far into the future, by holding onto the Bible, somehow four years has passed by.  I thanked God for this great family and think this four years is also a miracle, grace.


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