Caution for Abundant Food Era

Each time I go to Japan, I am impressed with its abundant food culture.  “Depa (department store) –chika (basement floor)” is  a new Japanese I have learned recently; that  is a food floor, and is the most popular floor in any department store selling  many kinds of foods, such as fresh produce, gourmet drinks and sweets, all sorts of international meals, and so on.  It is always alive with a big crowd and I love going there, too. Yet, in order to stay in good health, eating a lot doesn’t appear to be a good idea.

I wonder how many restaurants there are in Tokyo station.  The endless restaurants are lined-up in all directions and every place is full of people.  The crowd tempts me to go in even before my stomach asks so.

As I found a long huge line, I asked a cancer friend, who was with me, what the line was for.  Then she said, “That is for popcorn.  They have to get tickets first and then wait for an hour for the popcorn to be ready.”

Waiting for an hour for popcorn!?   I couldn’t believe it, but last year Crispy Cream donuts were a huge hit in Japan and people lined up just like for popcorn.

Japan’s food culture has been westernized very quickly I thought.   That means they consume more deep-fried food, sweets, and high cholesterol than ever and less vegetables and fruits.  As a cancer patient, who learned those were a bad diet and regrets to have eaten donuts on so many mornings, I was concerned with this change.

Several years ago I was surprised listening to the radio saying that Americans depended on restaurants and TV dinners more than 90% of the time on average.  I am afraid that Japan won’t be an exception any more soon, either, and if they forget cooking and get used to being served the abundant rich food , they may  have much more obesity, diabetes, and cancers.  The convenience or abundant is not always good.

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