Bringing a Cold From Japan

In spite of the warning of a heavy rainstorm, the aircraft departed Narita in Japan on schedule.  My seat was upgraded from the economy to the premium unexpectedly, and the flight was comfortable without any turbulence.  It seemed that my trip to Japan would end perfectly with numerous discoveries, good memories, and inspirations.

Yet, I started feeling feverish during the flight, and when I got home, I was running a fever.

Actually I have had some pains, aches, and discomfort several days before the departure and I was taking medicines.  I had a medical travel insurance with me, but I am glad that I could accomplish all of my plans without canceling any and get back home before I needed to go to a doctor.

I went to a lab yesterday and saw my oncologist today.  There were no signs to worry about and the doctor told me it was just a cold.  Tokyo was so crowded that it was easy to catch germs, I guess.

I postponed the infusion just to be on the safe side, and George has to take care of me even after his vocal cord surgery, but I am thankful that I can rest in my own bed.  🙂

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