It Is So Good That I Forget Cancer

I have been enjoying every day in Japan with my family and friends.  Meanwhile there were several phone calls from Kaiser at home in L.A. I will have an infusion right away when I get back home, and several more appointments are waiting to follow up the new findings in the last CT. Yet, being in Japan, I completely forget about cancer, and everything including food, chatting, and even Karaoke is like fully bloomed cherry blossoms: wonderful and amusing!

Last year I could reconnect  with elementary school friends after almost 50 years, and this year I could reconnect with my college friends, who were some of the last pieces missing from the list of my past friends. I practiced figure-skating together with them; sometimes slept and ate together bearing hard trainings.  Our time of the reunion flew so fast that it seemed never enough and was hard to leave.

After then I traveled from Tokyo to Yokohama to see a couple whom George married last year and it was about midnight when I got back to my mother’s home.

I don’t have any career or wealth to be proud of, and the battle against cancer may be endless, but I have many friends who welcome me all over in Japan, and families who love me in both Japan and the U.S..  This must be the taste of the happiness and God’s Kngdom.  I am thankful to God, who sent so many precious people into my life.  He is good all the time!


One thought on “It Is So Good That I Forget Cancer

  1. You are having a wonderful year with two fantastic trips!

    Miss you a lot!


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