CT Result–Overall OK

Finally, 11 days after the CT scan,  I received the result in the regular check up with the oncologist.

” Overall it was good, but there are a few things to check on,” said the doctor.

First, two new “prominent lymph nodes” were found in the same sternum area where the metastasis happened in 2012.  Normally a node is less than 1cm.  It is  still too early to call them cancer, so we will wait for the next CT, which is scheduled for three months from now.

Second, there is a 5mm lesion in the liver, but this is also so small.  The doctor will consult the specialist.

Third, there are possible abdominal varices, clots in a vein.  Again, the doctor will consult the specialist.

I wish the results were better without any new findings.  Yet,  as there is nothing to pay urgent attention, I will focus on Japan’s trip for the next 17 days.

GOD, thank you for allowing me to go to Japan, again!

One thought on “CT Result–Overall OK

  1. Hi Kathy,

    We didn’t get a chance to talk today but I want to tell you that you looked so pretty! New hairdo?
    Go and enjoy yourself! There will be time later to pay attention to your results of the CT scan.

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