Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting

It was last Monday (3/31) when I took a CT.  Though the technician told me it would take 5-7 days to get the result,  9 days after, I am still waiting for it.

Last Friday as I e-mailed my oncologist getting antsy, a nurse called me back and said, “ We haven’t received the result yet.  I will request to expedite, but usually it takes 7-10 days.”

10 days!?  I’ve never waited for so long.

For a CT scan, I have to take off all metals.  When I was asked twice if I were wearing a bra by a nurse and a technician,  I answered, “No,” with confidence.   At night, however, I was shocked and couldn’t believe that I was wearing the bra under a camisole:  I thought I took off the bra and exchanged to wear the camisole before I left home, but actually I was wearing the camisole simply on the top of the bra.

Immediately I checked the bra if there were any wires in it bending this way and that way.  The soft bra seemed like there was no wire in it, but on the back, I found three sets of metal hooks.  Shoot!

Is the reason why it takes so long to get back the result  because I was wearing the metals that messed up to read the CT?

Is it because Obama-care created many more patients and less doctors?

Or  is it because the doctor found some suspicious tumors?

I was doing well being patient and in peace until today, which is the 9th day, but now I am getting agitated.

Last Monday, there was actually a mistake and I was told I had to reschedule the CT:  The blood work I took two days prior to the CT was for  vitamin D level and not for the kidney function, which was prerequisite for a CT.

I insisted to have the CT on the same day.   If I hadn’t done the CT on Monday, the result would come back much later.   I am leaving for Japan on the 14th, and  I want to go without worrying about the result.  Sigh!  I hate waiting !


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