The Bump Is Most Likely Fluid Filled

The result of the ultrasound I took last Monday finally came back after I e-mailed my oncologist.  She said it  is most likely fluid filled.  At least it’s not malignant!

The radiologist suggested いt could be swelling, skin infection, or bruise.  Yet I don’t think I bumped my head, and the oncologist didn’t find anything suspicious on my head skin when she examined it.

It is still swelling but the pain is getting milder this week.  The oncologist said let’s monitor a little longer and if it doesn’t go away, ask a surgeon what to do.

I still don’t  know why it’s swelling, and hope it’s not a blood clot, but I am relieved and thankful for this result.  Thank you for those who prayed for me!!



One thought on “The Bump Is Most Likely Fluid Filled

  1. Hi Kathy, I was waiting to see what the results of the bump was and am so happy it seems to be nothing but fluid. I hope other than this newest issue things are going along OK. Always in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Aunt Pat

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