Encouragement –“God Is Not Dead”

I had no idea what the movie was about, but just being drawn by the title, I went to see it with George and it was surprisingly good, and tremendously encouraging!

It was a story about a college professor who wants to teach that God doesn’t exist in his philosophy class and a Christian student who doesn’t want to deny his faith. The movie was showing unfairness, intimidation, pressure from the secular world,  desolation  or  rejection when we choose to go against  an authority or a current of the world, and so on—common afflictions or challenges we face every day.

Being surrounded by different struggles, the Christian characters chose to be faithful to God instead of giving in or giving up.

I’ve felt heavy since yesterday with the bump on my head, but what I am facing is nothing new.  This is just one of very ordinary trials people encounter; God knows and cares what we are going through. HE IS NOT DEAD!  He is restlessly watching us and guiding us.

The world has been changing quickly; good becomes bad and bad becomes good.  That makes me scared, but Christians are speaking up boldly.

I should turn my eyes away from myself and pay attention to what God wants me to do.

I feel like the movie was God’s response to my prayer.

Just like a quote in the movie, I want to resonate,


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